Burglarized family has irreplaceable items returned to them

Thieves Return Priceless Items to Family After Burglary

GRANDVIEW, Mo. — Ten days after a Grandview family's home was burglarized, the thieves returned one of their most prized possessions.

Chris Oursler and his wife returned from work to find their TV, computer, tablet, and jewelry stolen. That's not all, the thieves took a box of service metals that Oursler's grandfather received after serving in the war. Friday, Oursler found the metals sitting in a bag on his back porch.

"I noticed a Walmart bag sitting on our back porch in one of our lounge chairs," he told FOX 4. "All of the metals were in there, they were soaking wet but they were all there."

One of the metals is a bronze star that honors Master Sergeant Alvin Glasgow for his outstanding duty, leadership and devotion.

"Whoever broke in and burglarized our house must have had a heart," said Oursler. "They must have had a conscious because they returned them."

Oursler said he drove around to every pawn shop within 20 miles of his Grandview home to search for the metals. He said he is just happy he got back the one thing that can't be replaced.

If you have information that can aid in the investigation, please call the Grandview Police Department at (816) 316-4900 .

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