3 incredible ways to get rid of cellulite this summer

An Easy Exercise That Can Help Remove Cellulite

By Lisa Lozano

It's bathing suit season and many of us are trying to hide unwanted cellulite. But what if you could get rid of it instead of covering it up? Sue Hitzmann is sharing three amazing techniques from her MELT method, claiming her simple exercises will help you ditch cottage cheese thighs and chin jowls!

Sue explains that cellulite is created when connective tissue gets dehydrated and the collagen gets stretched. "When you have more fat there, it's actually tearing and breaking down the collagen, and collagen needs the fluid in connective tissue to stay stable," Sue reveals.

"You're seeing it on the back of your legs, because when we sit for long periods of time, that's one of the areas that dehydrates," Sue shares. The good news is, Sue says her MELT technique can help to rehydrate those problem areas.

Exercise No. 1: Ditch Cellulite in Your Thighs

Sue shows how to use the MELT roller to rehydrate the connective tissue in your thighs, and also shares a method you can do right at your desk at work. Watch above to see how easy it is!

Exercise No. 2: Tighten a Droopy Chin

Sue reveals that when your chin looks saggy, it could actually be dehydration in the back of your skull that is to blame. She shows you how to use the MELT roller on the back of your neck to work that out.

Exercise No. 3: Lift Your Breasts

For her third fix, Sue teaches Rach and our guests Kym Whitley and Emily Osment how to do a breathing exercise that she says will help perk up their breasts!

Do you have a problem area you feel subconscious about? Tell us in the comments.

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3 incredible ways to get rid of cellulite this summer
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One day I'll get the therapy I need. Until then... #HeavyIronFightsThePain #CheaperThanAShrink #NoFannyPacks My only drawback is f*cked up calloused hands.
Monday with @gunnarfitness!!! I am determined to get my pre-hamptons, pre- sympathy kourtney pregnancy weight off. Nothing good comes easy. Why do I blame Kourt though?!? Lol
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#MMA Training w/my bro Gerald.. #NYC.. Trying to hang with @rampage4real & @georgesstpierre!
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Bout to curl 95lbs 💁😂
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End of week one of Navy St. Training camp
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