Wayback Burgers to introduce cricket milkshake

Wayback Burgers To Introduce Cricket Milkshake

Bugs are increasingly being seen as a more eco-friendly protein alternative to beef and chicken.

Wayback Burgers has opted to give the alternative a try and will introduce shakes containing powdered cricket protein in early July.

The protein booster will be featured in the new Oreo Mud Pie shake.

Consumers also have the option to add some to any of the chain's existing shake offerings.

The company's marketing director says that the protein additive isn't strong in flavor and looks a lot like whey powder.

It was also clarified that it arrives at the restaurants in its fully processed form, meaning there are no bugs roaming around the kitchen.

The shakes were previously released in Long Island as part of an April Fools' Day joke, but they generated a lot of interest and positive responses.

They'll be available nationwide for a limited time, but if they're a hit the cricket shake could become a permanent menu item.
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