Sleepy people, rejoice! An extra second of sleep is coming your way this week

Slowing Earth Rotation Prompts French Time Lords to Add Extra Second to 2015
Slowing Earth Rotation Prompts French Time Lords to Add Extra Second to 2015

Need some extra zzz's? Fret not! This week you will be able to sleep in a whole extra...second.

Tuesday evening, atomic clocks that will usually read, 23:59:59, will switch over to 23:59:60, before starting Wednesday with 00:00:00. This is necessary to help the Coordinated Universal Time (UTC), the system that guides most international civil times systems, keep up with the Earth's rotation.

Head of the Time and Frequency team at Australia's National Measurement Institute, Michael Wouters, told Mashable Australia that the reason for the leap second is due to the difference between UTC and astronomical time.

If all of this sounds familiar, it's because the same thing happened three years ago in 2012, although the timing is just happenstance. The date really doesn't mean much, as long as it occurs at the end of the month. Typically leap seconds happen in either June or December.

However, if you happen to be on the internet at midnight, don't freak out if it goes array. Back in 2012, several sites experienced technical difficulty as the servers weren't able to handle the extra second.

But just think, you get an extra whole second to sleep!

Nevertheless, the Earth is a crazy and wonderful place, an extra second to sleep, and all of these natural wonders! Click through the pics below to see some of the breathtaking views Mother Earth has to offer.

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