15 struggles anyone who hates sharing food completely understands

Taco Bell's most recent commercial highlights how often we actually have to "share" in life. While we've generally been taught sharing betters society and is suppose to make us feel good, there are times when it is extremely difficult. In fact, when it comes to food, the Twitter community has very strong ~feels~ about the whole sharing ordeal.

These Twitter posts illuminate the major struggles of having to share food:
15 realities all people who hate sharing food face
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15 struggles anyone who hates sharing food completely understands
When someone reaches for your plate with their fork without asking:
Trying to think of a polite way to say no to the food thief racks your brain:
Pre-warning your friends you won't be sharing and they have to accept you for who you are:
When people say 'there's no way you can finish all that':
 Being super-detailed when you DO decide to share:
You don't even babysit the idea of sharing food via social media:

Good thing this baby enjoys sharing:
Baby Shares His Food with Doberman

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