NYPD officer dances with marcher at NYC Gay Pride parade

U.S. Gay Pride Day Gets Extra Sparkle

The annual Gay Pride event in New York City was nothing short of a spectacle this year.

This last weekend, LGBTQ Americans and allies rallied to celebrate gay pride. There was certainly a lot to celebrate this year, after SCOTUS ruled equal marriage as constitutional, late last week. Now, LGBTQ Americans are able to legally wed in all 50 states -- truly a historic ruling in US history.

On Sunday, thousands lined up along 5th Avenue for the annual parade which showcased an array of support from different brands and companies like Chase, Chipotle, and Netflix, in addition to the hundreds of non-profit organizations like The Trevor Project that fight for civil rights and the protection of LGBTQ Americans.

If you haven't seen a Gay Pride parade, it's definitely a sight to see. At one point, an NYPD officer stopped to dance with a marcher, and it's so cute! We have a feeling the officer totally made the marcher's day ... or life most likely.

Watch the hilarious video:

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NYPD officer dances with marcher at NYC Gay Pride parade

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