Kanye West sent the Twitter world into chaos after declaring himself the greatest rock star on the planet

Kanye West And Kim Kardashian Lead The Glastonbury Fash Pack

During his set as headliner at Glastonbury on Saturday night, Kanye West made sure the crowd knew that he's kind of a big deal. At the end of his performance, he gave himself quite the pat on the back with a bigheaded declaration.

West deemed himself legendary when he repeatedly shouted "I am the greatest living rock star on the planet" at the end of his set. He said to the crowd:

Modesty looks good on West. Some people were confused by the announcement, others found it humorous, and some even thought West was announcing a surprise guest to join him on stage. Either way, West's loud and proud proclamation had social media fiends flocking to Twitter.

What do you think of West's big announcement? Let us know in the comments!

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