Dez Bryant rips out a backflip during charity baseball game (Photo)

Coach Jason Garrett Not Concerned Over Dez Bryant

Dallas Cowboys wide receiver Dez Bryant is looking for a lucrative, long-term deal from his team still. However, a move that he pulled on Saturday was maybe not the smartest idea as he continues to state his case to Jerry Jones.

Bryant took part in Dirk Nowitzki's charity baseball game, and of course he was having himself a fun time. As a matter of fact, he was having so much fun that he just couldn't contain his excitement, pulling off a pretty neat backflip in the process.

Hey, that's a pretty nice show of the freakish athleticism Dez Bryant possesses. Whenever you can see a grown man pull off a perfect backflip, it's pretty amazing.

BUT...when you're trying to get yourself some leverage in contract talks with your football team, all of a sudden the backflip doesn't seem all that neat. In actuality, it seems like a pretty dumb move, all things considered.

When the two sides sit down again and talk a new deal, there's gonna be some sort of explanation needed as to why this occurred. That should be a fun conversation to listen to.

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