Connecticut man forgets glasses, wins lottery

Connecticut Man Forgets Glasses, Win Lottery

This is what we like to call blind luck.

Bob Sabo says he was too impatient to wait in line to buy a lottery ticket a Stop & Shop in Fairfield, Connecticut. Instead, he tried his luck with a vending machine for the first time -- and ended up with a $30,000 win all because he forgot his glasses.

Sabo says it was a complete accident.

"I meant to buy two $20 tickets, but I didn't have my glasses on. Instead, I bought a '30X Cash' ticket for $30 by mistake...When I got home and scratched the 30X ticket, I couldn't believe it—we won $30,000. Winning that way we did was a very freaky thing."

Accidents like these happen a lot more often than one might think.

In January, Richard Noll needed to break a $100 bill he had to pay for a sandwich with cash. He bought two $20 scratch tickets and ended up winning $10 million.

And last year, Thuan Le, a single mother of four in California, turned a $1 mistake into a $14 million win when she accidentally purchased an extra power ball ticket.

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