Lululemon recalls 300,000 jackets due to facial injuries

Lululemon Recalls 300,000 Jackets Due to Facial Injuries

Looks like Lululemon has found itself under fire...again. Just after the athletic-wear brand recalled their signature see-through yoga pants, the company had to recall over 300,000 jackets and hoodies.

The reason? The drawstrings were causing facial injuries. Ouch! After 7 reported incidents of face and eye-injuries, where the strings were whipping back into the wearers' face, the designer was forced to make a major decision.

The Canadian company made a statement that it would voluntarily remove the elastic drawstring found in the jackets. These hard and metal-and-plastic tipped cords were incorporated into almost 23 different designs for hoodies and jackets made between 2008-2014.

Consider it the perfect excuse to procrastinate on your workouts.

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