California woman feeds 600K homeless people with a single app

The Mobile App Reducing Food Waste, Feeding Thousands

After being confronted with an ongoing issue of homelessness in San Francisco, Komal Ahmad knew she had to do something about the situation.

Three years ago the young entrepreneur underwent a life-changing experience. After being approached by a homeless man near University of California Berkeley begging for food, Komal decided to take him out to lunch. What she didn't expect was to hear his incredible journey: the young man was having difficulty getting back on his feet after returning from combat in Iraq.

Since that moment, the then-college student decided she needed to come up with a solution to help people, like the veteran she met, who were in dire need of basic necessities.

Komal began an initiative within her college to start donating excess food from dining halls to shelters. The idea was so successful, it expanded to 140 other colleges and universities in just under three years.

Before she knew it, Komal became the CEO of Feeding Forward, the not-for-profit service that doesn't let excess food go to waste. The app she created allows companies and event planners to donate their surplus food to those in needs, all through the convenience of their phone. From there, drivers take the food to the areas and people who need it the most.

Feeding Forward app
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California woman feeds 600K homeless people with a single app
1,301 pounds of food recovered & 1,084 people fed today. Thank you @LevisStadium for @FeedingForward #Feed1Million
43 pounds of food recovered today and delivered to @LarkinStreet ! Thank you @heavybit and @delectable !!
@heavybit @FeedingForward good karma today
We're out here at @BiteSV ending food waste with @FeedingForward. The left overs from yesterday fed 467 individuals!
Thanks @BiteSV & @LevisStadium for @FeedingForward today! Your #excessfood helped us feed 467+ San Franciscans today!

The company has managed to feed almost 600,000 homeless people in San Francisco alone.

Hopefully soon, Komal will see her good deeds moving far beyond the West Coast, with Feed Forward helping thousands of struggling Americans all over the nation.

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