Top 5 tech gadgets for your pets

Pet Gadget Market Is Booming

Who said that only humans can use fitness trackers and cool gadgets?

Here are the top 5 tech items for you beloved pets:

1) Fitbark

This is a proper activity tracker that helps you keep an eye on your pet's fitness regime. It also lets you compare to a baseline health rating from the same breed so you can see how your 4 legged friend compares to the rest of his or her kind.

2) Petcube

This is essentially a baby monitor for your pet. It has a wide-angle camera that offers a 720p video feed and a speaker so you can talk to your companion from anywhere. You can also activate a remotely controlled laser that your pet can chase around the house.

3) Cleverpet

A gaming console for your pets that keeps them engaged even when you're not at home. It encourages interaction through games that will make you puppy happy during those long and lonely days.

4) Voyce

This is a smart collar that tracks vital data about your dog's health, from the respiratory system to heart beat and activity and rest.

5) Meowlingual

This device will apparently decode whatever your cat is telling you. It can analyze the facial expression of your furry friend and tell you what it means, it interprets 21 emotions, runs health checks and translates words.

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