How to save money when you buy groceries

How To Save Money When You Shop

by Joseph Miner
Here are some tips from Greg Karp to help you shop smarter and more effectively at the supermarket.

Get your groceries on a Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday. Stores typically start sales on a Wednesday that lasts for a whole week. On Sundays, big supermarkets will have coupons available. So by shopping on Sunday, Monday, and Tuesday you can take full advantage of both promotions.

Don't have the time to clip coupons? Not a problem! Your smartphone is the best money saver. You can look up coupons before you head to the stores or while you're shopping so you can find the best deals. Red Laser is an app that lets you scan bar codes and will find you the best price for that product. Another app called BuyVia will not only provide you with the best prices locally and nationally, it will also send you alerts on items you're sitting on so you don't miss a sale.

When you're ready to check out, waiting in that long line can be productive. Look up coupons while you wait, many stores have apps like Cartwheel that offer extra savings.

Another helpful tip for all you bargain hunters out there, May is the best time to buy. Refrigerators, mattresses, and picnic items for those summer barbecues go on sale during the month of May. If you're in no rush to buy a certain item online, let it linger. If you keep that item in your shopping cart, some retailers will send you coupons or they will notify you when the price drops.

Follow these saving tips next time you head to the store and you won't have to potty train your cat to save money on kitty litter.​

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