Good samaritan pays for firefighters' groceries

Good Samaritan Pays For Firefighters' Groceries

Firefighters have to be ready at a moments notice to respond to emergencies.
When two firefighters in Bolingbrook, Illinois dropped what they were doing to receive an ambulance call, an anonymous person jumped in with a random act of kindness.

The crew was grocery shopping for their unit when they got the call.

After handling the situation, they returned to the supermarket, only to receive a second call, which forced them to abandon their cart again while in the checkout line.

When they returned for a third time, they were told their items had been paid for.

Bolingbrook Fire Fighters Association IAFF Local 3005

Within the groceries, they found a note left by the anonymous donor which read, "It was my pleasure to pick up your grocery tab today. Thanks to you & everyone at your house for all you do. Enjoy!!"

One of the firefighters said of the good deed, "We are so thankful to whoever this was. It's just a testament to the great people in our community that we have the privilege to serve."
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