BuzzFeed had three people eat only Soylent for one week

We Had Three People Eat Only Soylent For One Week

Classified by the FDA as food, Soylent is a drink mix that can function as a meal replacement.

I officially do not need food. Trying this futuristic experiment for a week. #soylent

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Its manufacturers claim that it provides "all of the elements of a healthy diet."

BuzzFeed asked three of their employees (Shane, Ryan, and Jen), to go on an Soylent-only diet for one week.

Shane ordinarily eats at least two meals a day and loves to snack. Ryan doesn't cook and eats three meals a day (mostly Chipotle and In & Out). Lastly, Jen eats at least two meals a day, one being a standard grilled cheese.

Each participant consumed at least one pouch of Soylent daily. One pouch of Soylent is approximately 2000 calories. Here's a visual of what that means:

Future of food? #soylent

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Midweek, Ryan noticed a drastic change in his bathroom usage. Jen enjoyed the "physical benefits of eating at a nutritionally-balanced pace" and Shane becomes a bit delusional.

The three cheated once or twice, but survived the week for the most part. On the seventh day they indulged in their favorite foods. Ryan and Shane lost a couple pounds, while Jen gained two pounds - proving once again the world is unfair.

In conclusion, all three participants agreed that food is great and it should not be taken for granted. Nevertheless, if you're looking to save meal prep time, Soylent is definitely the way to go.

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