Bride helps with cousin's proposal at her own wedding

Bride Helps With Cousin's Proposal at Her Own Wedding

The bouquet toss happens at just about every wedding. The lucky gal who catches the bouquet, likely during Beyonce's "Single Ladies" song, is the next one to get hitched -- or so the legend goes.

Bride Chelsea Pulse decided the bouquet didn't get to pick fate at her wedding.

She did. Instead of tossing the bouquet overhead, you can see in this masterpiece by Gold Hairpin Films she walked over and handed the bouquet to her first cousin, Megan. And then ...

Much to Megan's surprise, her boyfriend got down on one knee -- which prompted her to burst into happy tears.

Pulse told us on Facebook their Excelsior Springs, MO, wedding date ofApril 25 was the day of her cousin Megan's 8-year anniversary.

"When my husband Tyler Pulse and I set our wedding date, Megan told me that was her and Brett Davidson's anniversary so when I was planning, I reached out to Brett and mentioned to him that it would be SO cool if he proposed at the wedding and so together me, him and my husband Tyler schemed up a plan for him to propose."

Although Bride To Be asked the question: "Would you propose at another person's wedding?" both Tyler and Chelsea were on board.

According to the comments of the article, people thought the move was selfless.

Megan and Brett have set their wedding date for next June. To watch the entire surprise proposal, as well as Tyler and Chelsea's entire wedding video, check out the Gold Hairpin Films Facebook page.

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