5 household items to soothe a sunburn

5 Household Items to Soothe a Sunburn

Too much sun? Look like a lobster? We've all been there ... but there are a few items you may have around the house you can use to help ease the pain.

The Mayo Clinic recommends taking a cool bath for relief of itchy sunburned skin. If you're burned all over, soak in an oatmeal bath. From bug bites, to poison ivy relief and sunburns, oatmeal can soothe a variety of skin irritations.

Baking soda can also be useful. When it dissolves in water, the result is a cooling sensation on the skin, so you can add this to a bath as well.

Apple cider vinegar on a burn can help ease the sting and keep it from peeling or blistering. Some doctors say you can splash the vinegar on the burn every few hours, or soak a cloth and leave on as a dressing for about a half hour.

Cucumber can also soothe. Just place a few slices, or some cucumber juice on the affected area. A little bit of honey goes a long way!

Honey can help minimize pain and speed up the healing process of a burn. So if you're out of aloe vera gel, find some relief with a few of these soothers, and tell the sun, you're going on a break!
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