2,000-year-old Roman shipwreck found near Sardinia

2,000-Year Old Roman Shipwreck Found Near Sardinia

The bottom of the sea contains many remnants from the past, and one piece of the history it holds has recently been located. A Roman ship, estimated to have wrecked about 2,000 years ago, was found on a sea bed off the northern waters of Sardinia, a large Italian island.

Still packed with its cargo load of terracotta roof tiles, it is thought to have been making the journey from Rome to Spain or Sardinia to transport the materials for a villa.

According to authorities, the 60-foot long, 23-foot wide vessel appeared well-preserved, remaining "packed just as it was at the moment of departure."

The heavy load may have played a role in its sinking, but the intact condition has allowed historians to see how cargo was transported at the time. The remains were found about 150 feet down by a team of police divers working in conjunction with archaeological authorities. The current position is not being released to prevent theft, but officials hope to one day conduct underwater tours of the wreckage.
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