#PowerofMakeUp: Women are posting half make-up pics to fight shaming

Women Post Half Make-Up Pics to Fight Shaming

Fox2Now -- Women are turning to social media to show off the power, or should I say, empowerment of make-up.

YouTuber NikkieTutorials shared her make-up tutorial video, where she only made up half of her face. The video has over 17 million views and Nikkie explains how people are "makeup shaming" and making women feel bad about wearing makeup. Nikkie says that she loves to wear makeup for herself and that she is comfortable with or without makeup.

Women all over Instagram have posted pictures of their faces- half made up, half natural beauty. Their captions echo Nikkie's video and prove that women are not painting their faces for boys or because of any insecurities. Instead they are doing it for themselves. I decided to give this trend a try.

And yes I did this report with only one side of my face with make-up. There is a difference between the two halves, but I'm still the same person who is comfortable in my own skin either way.

See the full video behind the movement:

See how women are sharing their half make-up selfies:
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