Randy Rogers opens up about the death of his newborn daughter

Randy Rogers Opens Up About Death Of Newborn Daughter

Country singer Randy Rogers is opening up about the death of his newborn daughter for the first time since she died from a rare genetic disease.

Less than a month after the 33-year-old Randy Rogers Band frontman lost his six-day-old daughter, Rogers spoke with People Magazine about life after loss. The country singer and his wife, Chelsea, welcomed their second daughter Rumer Rain on June 3. But soon after, doctors recognized something was very wrong.

"She wouldn't eat and she wouldn't wake up," he told People. "She was very lethargic, she never opened her eyes. We kept getting assurances from the doctors and nurses – a lot of babies think they're still in mommy's belly and they don't want to wake up for a day or eat – but then Rumer went to the NICU about eight hours after her birth."

Rumer Rain was diagnosed with nonketotic hyperglycinemia, an extremely rare genetic disorder that has no cure. It turns out both Rogers and his wife both carry the recessive gene. Their baby girl died just days later.

"Now because my daughter died and we now know we carry this gene, no one else in our family will have to have that happen to them and science is to thank for that," Rogers added.

He says that he and his wife won't let this tragedy stop them from trying to have more kids. However, in the future they'll look to in vitro fertilization so they can genetically screen the fertilized egg before implantation.
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