Portland creatively embraces marijuana legalization

Oregon Governor Considering New Marijuana Rules

As more and more states begin to legalize marijuana, it has become clear that some states have a more celebratory approach than others.

The city of Portland, Oregon is taking their legalization celebration to a whole new level with an event titled "Weed the People." While the name is obviously clever and creative, Portland is no stranger to marijuana-centered festivals. "Hempstalk," the city's controversial cannabis fair, was denied a permit this year.

Although marijuana will officially be legalized in Oregon on July 1, the celebration will take place on July 3.

While the legalization of marijuana was initially intended to fulfill medical needs, it's obvious that the marijuana will largely be used in a recreational manner as well. In an effort to combat the stigma and controversy that surrounds the recreational use of marijuana, Oregon launched a marijuana public education campaign called "Educate Before You Recreate."

Clearly Portland is ready to embrace the legalization with open arms, but it's important to note that you won't be able to legally buy cannabis in Oregon on July 1. While the state will have 300 dispensaries, the repositories will only cater to medical marijuana patients, not recreational consumers. We probably won't be seeing regulated and recreational marijuana shops until late 2016.

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