Mother rabbit teaches snake a lesson for messing with her babies

Mother Rabbit Takes on Snake to Protect Baby

Taking a note from Taylor Swift, there is nothing this mother rabbit does better than revenge. An insane video shows the rabbit furiously attacking the evil snake who killed her babies.

One gloomy afternoon, the mother rabbit returned to her nest and found the black snake curled on top of her babies. Two of the babies had already been killed, but at least one was still kicking.

In an outrage, the mother rabbit jumped onto the snake, enabling one of the babies to escape. When she realizes that the other babies are dead, she goes all out Hulk on the slithery jerk.

You have never seen a rabbit move so swiftly and relentlessly before. This mother bites and batters the snake determinedly. When the snake attempts to fight back, the mother rabbit pulls a Jackie Chan and kicks the snake in the face mid-backflip.

The video just goes to show that nobody should ever mess with a mom. The arrogant snake had it coming. That's the last time he'll underestimate maternal ferocity.

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