How to save face after drunk texting the ex

How to Recover from Drunk Dialing or Texting

It's been 2 months since you broke up with the ex and you're just trying to enjoy a fun girls night out. About 3 tequila shots and 1 vodka soda into the evening, images of your ex start popping into your mind. Unfortunately, drunk you is obsessed with the annoying jerk and now you can't get him out of your head. Sober you would never even think about shooting him a text, even in the most cordial of manners. Drunk you, on the other hand, unleashes your inner crazy ex-girlfriend.

1 more vodka soda, 9 hours, and 2 Advils later, you're finally getting over the hangover and sore neck from crashing on your bestie's couch when you glance at your phone and the memories flood in. You drunk texted your ex last night! It doesn't even matter what you said. Texting your ex is always the same and never pretty. Here's how you recover after drunk texting the ex.

1. Own up to your drinking. Don't make a big deal about it, just make it clear that you were drinking and therefore weren't quite your sober self when the texts were sent. He probably already assumed you were somewhat intoxicated, so just clear the air and put it out there.

2. End the conversation. If he thinks this is turning into some flirty text-versation, he's got it wrong. Tell him it was nice talking to him and that you wish him well. No need to continue with excruciating small talk that could easily catapult into he-said she-said drama common to many post-relationship conversations.

3. Take a note from Taylor Swift and shake it off. You've already done the damage so now you just have to own it, laugh about it, and move on. It's not like you're the first person to ever drunk text an ex!

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