Former Baltimore cop tweeted horrible police injustices he claims to have witnessed

DOJ Launches Civil Rights Probe Into Baltimore Policing

Retired police officer and US Marine Corps veteran Michael A. Wood Jr. took to Twitter Wednesday to share stories of the awful events he claims to have witnessed while active in the embattled police force.

Wood posted the tweets Wednesday after he "virtually begged local media to give [him] a voice," according to Vice. He started retelling what he had seen in a sequence of tweets that started with:

"So here we go. I'm going to start Tweeting the things I've seen & participated in, in policing that is corrupt, intentional or not."

In a rapid fire of posts, Wood shared the various things he claimed to have seen while working as a police officer in Baltimore. Some of the events he reportedly witnessed are:

thousands of people protested police brutality in Baltimore after Freddie Gray suffered a fatal spinal cord injury while in police custody in April.

In May, Wood told the Secular News Network that the Baltimore Police Department started the riots. He claimed that Gray's death illuminates how differently officers treat black people from white people.

While the events that Wood claims to have witnessed have not been substantiated, they've certainly caused concern throughout Baltimore and the rest of the country. At a time when police authority and brutality is stirring discussion and debate, Wood is only one of many United States citizens looking for justice and equality.

Click through this slideshow to see the full list of tweets posted by Michael A. Wood Jr. on Wednesday:

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Former Baltimore cop tweeted horrible police injustices he claims to have witnessed
So here we go. I'm going to start Tweeting the things I've seen & participated in, in policing that is corrupt, intentional or not.
A detective slapping a completely innocent female in the face for bumping into him, coming out of a corner chicken store.
Punting a handcuffed, face down, suspect in the face, after a foot chase. My handcuffs, not my boot or suspect
CCTV cameras turning as soon as a suspect is close to caught.
Pissing and shitting inside suspects homes during raids, on their beds and clothes.
Swearing in court and PC docs that suspect dropped CDS during unbroken visual pursuit when neither was true.
Jacking up and illegally searching thousands of people with no legal justification
Having other people write PC statements, who were never there because they could twist it into legality.
Summonsing officers who weren't there so they could collect the overtime.
Targeting 16-24 year old black males essentially because we arrest them more, perpetrating the circle of arresting them more.
More tomorrow or later...
I'll do some each day so that we have time for ?s, reflections, and improvement inbetween. The light of transparency will clean us up.
I'm shocked anyone is actually listening this time.
Super easy to get ahold of me. LinkedIn may be a good intermediary anyone can email me. I hope for serious dialogue and followup
I've been talking, I was not ready for anyone to pay attention. Really began to think no one cared. Give me some time and i will follow up
If internal investigations were transparent, you would be able to see it all. The records are there.
What's really hard to convey is that some things are so common place, they didn't register until I was on the other side.
I don't remember details of any particular person getting illegally searched, it was every day.
I'm one person relying on a flawed memory system. This is an indictment on the culture of the profession, not a witch-hunt. Sorry.
These things happen(ed), now how do we fix it? We need police. Let's figure out how to do it right. The starting line is marked "Empathy"
It doesn't matter whether anyone believes me or not Don't rely on arguments from authority. What matters? That future training prevents this
Every person in low income, especially minorities, knows all of this already. I'm not revealing anything at all, just confirming.

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