5 things you never knew could damage your teeth and ruin your smile

5 Things You Never Knew Could Damage Your Smile

Working hard to maintain those pearly whites!? You may be surprised what can ruin your smile.

Bottled water may be a bad idea. It's not the water, but the lack of fluoride. Since fluoride prevents tooth decay, the American Dental Association pushed for more fluoridating in water supplies. When it comes to strong teeth, tap is the better option!

Ditch the sports drinks. Research shows the ph levels in these drinks can wear away teeth enamel, and cause cavities and tooth decay. Yuck.

Put down the bleach! Dentists say too much whitening can wear down the enamel on your teeth.

Diet pills may seem like a great way to lose weight, but they too damage teeth. Some can cause gum disease, and reduce the amount of saliva in the mouth. According to The Mayo Clinic, less saliva increases the risk of tooth decay.

Strict diets are also not good. Dietitians say poor nutrition can deprive you of the essential vitamins you need for strong, healthy teeth. So take care, and don't let any of these put a damper on your smile!
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