Emilia Clarke accidentally hints at Jon Snow's possible comeback

Kit Harington on Playing Jon Snow

Thousands of crying and screaming fans are still recovering from the emotional breakdown that the ending scene of this of Game of Thrones caused them, where the beloved Jon Snow gets crudely killed by his own Night's Watch.

A copious amount of conspiracy theories have surfaced on whether Jon is really out of the story but we never got any hints from the cast of the show.

Until now.

After he asked her about the possible future of the Lord Commander, the mother of dragons Emilia Clarke clearly told an interviewer that she is really bad at lying.

While at first she played it safe by stating that she too "knows nothing", she also let a little comment slip about how there is 50 percent chance of him coming back since "there are some helpful people there who could bring him on back to life".

Could this be a reference to Melisandre's return to the Wall? She does have some pretty convenient magic powers...

Here is the actual interview:

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