Bill O'Reilly declares war on Fox haters, race-baiters: 'You want a war? You got a war!'

Jordan Chariton
WATCH: Bill O'Reilly Explodes At Guest: 'Knock It Off!'
WATCH: Bill O'Reilly Explodes At Guest: 'Knock It Off!'

Bill O'Reilly went off Wednesday on Fox haters and race-baiters who claim America is a white supremacist nation.

"The only tv network that does not accept the blatant dishonesty that America is a white supremacist nation is Fox News," Fox News' primetime star said, slamming the media for putting out "smear merchants" in the wake of the Charleston church massacre.

O'Reilly took on Yahoo News in particular for carrying "anti-Fox defamation": "Yahoo just throwing this garbage out there with no balance giving these smear merchants a world wide platform," he said, asking where sites like The Daily Caller, Breitbart and World Net Daily are on Yahoo.

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"In the world of Yahoo News, they don't exist, yet every anti-Fox statement Jon Stewart makes is headline–it's disgraceful."

O'Reilly grew more and more angry at the media's portrayal of Fox News–and America–as pushing white supremacy.

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"There is no organized effort to harm black people by white people," he said. "You want a war? You got a war! I'm not going to sit here any longer and take this garbage."

Yahoo News did not immediately respond to TheWrap's request for comment regarding O'Reilly's attack.

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