Anthony Davis drains no-look halfcourt shot (Video)

Another Reason to Feel Bad for Anthony Davis

New Orleans Pelicans big man Anthony Davis is definitely one of the fastest rising stars in the NBA, and that was proven to us this past season as he lead the team to a playoff appearance. The former Kentucky standout can do some amazing things on the basketball court, but what he did recently is just absurd.

In what seems to be some sort of promotion for Red Bull, Davis just makes us all feel bad about our athletic skills by not only draining a halfcourt shot, but not even looking as he does it.

Let's also call attention to the fact that he did this with only one hand, but that's not nearly as impressive as him not looking before he nails the shot in astounding fashion. This young man is not of the same world that we are, and this is proof positive of that fact.

Maybe, if we're lucky, his new head coach will let him try this on the court this year. Alvin Gentry did say that he'd let Davis dabble a little more in some action outside the three-point line, so the possibility lives!

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