This invention lets you control your computer with a banana

You can now control your computer, phone, tablet with virtually anything ranging from a banana all the way to a wiggly bowl of jello, including living pets and human beings.

All this with Makey Makey Go, which is the world's first portable invention kit.

The brilliant idea comes from the beautiful mind of Jay Silver, the Founder of JoyLabz/Makey Makey, and is currently running a Kickstarter campaign that has way passed its goal.

Makey Makey Go fits in the palm of your hand and it seems to have infinite ways to engage your creativity and make the world interact with your devices.

Of course before becoming what it is today, Makey Makey went through various iteration, and we found this prototype form from last year's International Toy Fair:

Stars of the Toy Fair 2014

Communities of makers and kids have been playing with this invention in all its previous forms and made some magical concepts come to life:

- Giggling kids turned into musical instruments

- Donut keyboard

- Waffle guitar pedal

- Cookie chess clock

- A Yoda operation game

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