First Look: Atlanta Hawks' new uniforms

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The Atlanta Hawks are set to unveil their new uniforms on Wednesday but, like most secrets during the Information Age, the duds were leaked early on the Internet. Here's a gander at what the team's home, away and alternate kits will look like.

For an expanded version, which also includes new team apparel, check out this link to a .pdf from the Atlanta Journal-Constitution (it's flush with gear).

First thoughts:

  • What's with all the triangles? They do add texture to the jerseys, but are also very distracting. It's like a watermark that you see on a picture from a printing company. Kinda makes me think of Zelda and the tri-force.
  • Loving the old-meets new with the logos. Spread wings on the waistband; Pac-Man on the legs.
  • The points coming off of the sides of certain letters/numbers are interesting. Not sure I like it, but I don't not like it. Perhaps a callback to the old Atlanta Flames NHL team?
  • The ATL logo is pretty solid. It's not the same as the ATLANTA structure outside Philips Arena, but the open-ended "A" and flow between the three letters is reminiscent of the building's exterior.
  • The jerseys' numbers walk a fine line. They're teetering on the brink of Tampa Bay Buccaneers cartoony, but pull back at just the right moment.
  • Color scheme is awesome. The home whites are crisp; the away blacks are intimidating; and there's plenty of yellow to go around.
  • All in all: a nice call back to the 1980s. They're modern throwbacks with enough garishness to remind us what we loved and hated about those old uniforms. A fine tip-toe job. Just get rid of the triangles.

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