Blowout or apocalypse? 10 dramatic thoughts everyone has at The Drybar

Grab A Blowout At A Blow Dry Bar

Say goodbye to gossiping under old-fashioned hair dryers and hello to chatting it up while sipping mimosas at The Drybar. For those out of the loop, The Drybar is the hottest hair-blowout company since, well, ever. Millennials flock to The Drybar in preparation for sorority formals, birthday parties, company outings, dates, red carpets, or just a regular ole Tuesday.

The popular franchise is known for its cocktail-inspired blowout options. If you're going for a beach-y wave, opt for the "Mai Tai." Those looking a loose but clean curl should try the "Cosmo," and southern belles might enjoy the "Southern Comfort." There's even a "Shirley Temple" option for those frequenting the Drybar scene a bit early.

While most Drybar stylists can be trusted, it's easy to have those momentary mind freak-outs common to any salon experience. Don't worry though, you'll look great. Just sit back, watch the chick flick playing on the screen, and enjoy your champagne.

Here are 10 thoughts everyone has while sitting at The Drybar.

1. They asked me if I want a those cost extra? I don't want to come off as cheap but it's very unclear. I really want some wine but I'm not about to pay an extra $10 for it.

2. Why did they just ask me if I want one shampoo rinse or two? Isn't that their call to make? Oh no, my hair is going to look awful.

3. Why hasn't he started heating the curling iron yet? He better not think my hair will hold with just a blowdryer and round brush.

4. Oh, that's a strange way to dry hair. That's not the way I usually do it...

5. My head is going to smell amazing after this.

6. Wait, this is looking way more like a Dirty Martini than a Cosmo-Tai. I specifically asked for a Cosmo-Tai. I'm not paying for this.

7. Oh, I get what he's doing now. He was just scrunching it before applying the curling iron. See? I just need to relax and be more trusting.

8. Ugh, is it too much though? Now I'm scared he's curing it too tightly. Not trying to go for the Shirley Temple look here.

9. Oh look, "Love Actually" is on!

10. Oh it's already done? Let's take a look. Wow, I look fab. worth every penny.

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