Four exercises you can do anywhere

by Lisa Lozano

If you're feeling discouraged because you don't have the time or cash to join a gym, have no fear! Dr. Ian K. Smith has four exercises you can do anywhere – even in a hotel room on vacation! And all you need is a positive attitude and a chair! Read on for details.

No 1: The Chair Leg-Lift

Dr. Ian suggests this exercise for those who want to tone their derriere. Just hold on to the back of a chair and lift your leg directly behind you, making sure to keep it straight. Do 15 seconds of the right leg, and 15 seconds of the left leg.

No. 2: The Chair Semi-Squat

For the second exercise, stand in front of a chair and rest one foot on the seat directly behind you. Then bend and squat on the leg you're standing on for 15 seconds on each side.

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No. 3: The Chair Side-Lift

Stand behind the chair, holding on to the back. Lift one leg directly to the side. Spend 30 seconds on each side.

No. 4: The Chair Tricep Dip

Two work your triceps, position yourself in front of your chair, and hold on to the edges while hovering in front with your legs straight and feet resting on the ground (watch the video for exact demonstration). Then lower yourself at least two inches, and raise yourself back up. Do this for 20 seconds, take a 20 second rest, then do another 20 seconds.

Watch below for a demonstration on how to do the exercises!

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