Mike Francesa is on the radio explaining what emojis are

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Tuesday morning's DeMarcus Cousins-George Karl drama has the sports world buzzing, and when there's a hot sports topic, you can bet Mike Francesa is talking about it. Problem is, this particular conversation is heavily dependent on an understanding of emojis -- which some listeners apparently haven't grasped.

Francesa was addressing Cousins' tweet from early Tuesday morning, when he addressed rumors of Karl wanting him gone. The center didn't tweet a sentence, or even any words. Just three characters, actually:

Cousins' emojis could be loosely translated to calling Karl a snake, which is big news. Bigger news during Mike's show, though, was that he himself knows how to use emojis! Or, rather, was quickly told before going on air. Because that's what it sounded like when he tried to explain the concept to a confused caller.

A quick transcription, because it's funny to read along with the exchange:
Caller: What the heck is it?

Mike: It's a little thing on your computer... y'know, the little guy... when somebody sends you a message... do you ever text message?

C: Yeah, of course.

M: Alright, when someone sends you, like, a thumbs up or something like that? You know how someone does that?

C: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.

M: That's an emoji.

C: Oh, so it's like a whole screen and you push the buttons or something?

M: No, that thing is called an emoji. That little thing that you see is an emoji.

C: Sorry to waste your time.

Sports Pope strikes again. Making great sports talk radio, one emoji at a time. *fire emoji*

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