The chronicles of a Pure Barre enthusiast: 'It's like an hour-long Charley horse'

Bye-Bye Inner Thighs Workout

Pure Barre has become almost as cultish and equally as basic as SoulCycle. Pure Barre enthusiasts are taking over the social scene (and social media scene) with their perfectly sculpted biceps and glorified thigh gaps.

A plethora of twenty-somethings and even some ambitious baby boomers are selling their souls to join the cult that is Pure Barre on the daily. However, it's not as easy as it looks. Pure Barre classes equate to one hour of twitching, burning, and sweaty exhaustion. It feels like a giant Charley horse is shooting through your entire body. Here are the 10 thoughts everyone originally has during a Pure Barre class.

1. This will be a piece of cake. Look at that old lady in the corner with those 2-pound dumbbells. I was athlete in college so I can definitely do this. I'll probably the star of the class.

2. Um why does this hurt? Literally not even moving that much I must be doing something wrong. I can't tell if this is the healthy kind of pain or the bad kind of pain. Maybe I should ask the instructor. Nah I'll just suck it up and see what happens.

3. Okay I'm starting to sweat. Is everyone else sweating or is it just me? Is it too soon to be sweating already?

4. How did I survive 4 years of college athletics? I'm clearly the weakest person on the planet right now. Why can't I hold this plank without sticking my butt up? I can't believe I've been doing planks wrong all this time.

5. So when the instructor says to "tuck," do I suck my stomach in or curl my pelvis under? V confused.

6. Mental note to self: stop by Lululemon after this. I look like a Puma commercial.

7. WHAT IS WITH ALL THE MIRRORS? Nobody wants to see that.

8. Wow I am shaking like crazy. Pure Barre or withdrawal?

9. I actually look better than that girl though. Yeah, she doesn't know what she's doing. I'm totally better than she is. Maybe I'm finally getting the hang of this.

10. Thank goodness that's finally over. Again tomorrow? Yeah I'll be there.

And there you have it, the 10 thoughts that eventually lead people to becoming Pure Barre enthusiasts. It's not even about the bikini bod...that's just a nice side effect.

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