How to spot dangerous counterfeit products

How to Spot Dangerous Counterfeit Products

FOX40's Mae helps you save money by learning how to spot fake products. Sunglasses and handbag knockoffs are commonplace, but some counterfeit items are dangerous. Most knockoff products like handbags, sunglasses, hair dryers and cellphone batteries do not meet safety standards.

You should look for phony UL labels on appliances. Customs officials found 15,000 toasters with phony labels issuing a "10 yean warranty" rather than a 10-year warranty.

Others have noticed certain hair dryers was missing a part that could prevent electrocution. Look out for rectangular shaped plugs at the end of a dryer cord indicating the presence of a ground fault circuit interruptor.

For cell phone batteries, you want to look for name brands with 'positive' and 'negative' signs on them.

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