Here are the top 5 gaming YouTubers out there

Top 10 YouTube Video Game Reviewers

Gaming is one of the most popular subjects on YouTube where you could get lost in a plethora of channels that review, comment or explain video games and the gaming industry.

So we decided to make things simple for you by rounding up the top 5 you should follow based on video views.

Here it goes:

1) 9,200,623,000 video views
PewDiePie of course!! What did you expect!? The insanely entertaining Swedish gamer has been dominating the scene with his gazillion subscribers and just came out with a new book apparently.

2) 4,363,446,689​ video views
IGN Entertainment, a very comprehensive channel that offers a bunch of game reviews and industry related events coverage.

3) 3,872,581,174
Rooster Teeth - They have an actual trailer for Angry Birds (the movie!!).. what else do we even need to say?

4) 3,663,604,997 video views
Stampy Long Head - The Minecraft master. Literally. He uploads at least one Minecraft video a day.

5) 3,406,711,379 video views
The Diamond Minecart brought us Jurassic World, in Minecraft

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