Floating hotel lets people travel remote waterways without leaving the suite


Nothing beats a beach-side resort with a beautiful balcony from which you can take in the ocean breeze as you sip on your morning mimosa. Oh wait, this new floating hotel does.

Ocean-side is so out, ocean-top is so in. This new design for a hotel enables people to travel along remote waterways without even leaving the suite. The "Floating Hotel with Catamaran Apartments" was imagined by Salt & Water, an architecture and yacht design firm in Serbia.

The design recently won the Millennium Yacht Design Award. Now, members of the travel industry hope to put the design to use in an effort to utilize hard-to-reach rivers as vacation destinations. Just imagine setting sail on untouched nature in the comfort of a luxurious hotel room.

Here's how the hotel works. Each suite within the water-based structure doubles as a catamaran that can detach from the main hotel and cruise around in complete privacy. It's a whole new (and better) type of cruise ship.

Once the design takes off (we said "once" rather than "if" to fuel our hope), destination vacations will acquire a whole new meaning. We will never again have to worry about forgetting our book, hat, or sunscreen in the hotel room as we embark on the day's adventure.

As it turns out, Salt & Water wasn't the first group to come up with the floating hotel idea. Watch this video to learn all about the floating hotel in the Arctic Circle:

Floating Hotel in the Arctic Cirlce
Floating Hotel in the Arctic Cirlce

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