Clinton-Gore Confederate flag campaign button surfaces

Clinton-Gore Confederate Campaign Button Surfaces Online
Clinton-Gore Confederate Campaign Button Surfaces Online

Two buttons for Bill Clinton's 1992 campaign that could create trouble for Hillary Clinton's campaign amid a renewed debate over the use of the Confederate flag have surfaced.

The first shows the Confederate battle flag and the second portrays Clinton and his then Vice President Al Gore in the gray uniforms of the Confederacy. They were up for bidding on eBay and listed in "great condition." Both appear to have been purchased already.

It remains unclear whether the political memorabilia was actually a officially of the Clinton-Gore campaign in '92 -- it's possible they were created by enthusiastic supporters with strong Confederate inclinations -- and neither Hillary nor Bill Clinton have formally addressed the matter.

The Blaze reached out to Hillary Clinton to ask about the campaign paraphernalia and to find out if she opposed or opposes the act signed by her husband years ago honoring the Confederate flag. She's yet to respond.

She's also remained silent on the current flag controversy debate.

Gov. Nikki Haley recently called for the removal of the Confederate flag from state House grounds in South Carolina.

Mitt Romney sided with her, and Carly Fiorina called it a "symbol of racial hatred" though she stopped short of calling for its removal.

Sen. Lindsey Graham defended keeping the flag on display and Sen. Ted Cruz says the state should make its own decision.

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