10 gorgeous and underrated summer vacation spots in the US

The Top 10 'Bucket List' Destinations

When it comes to vacationing -- typically nothing sounds more perfect than spending a week off the coast of France, zip lining through the trees of Costa Rica or relaxing on the beach in Santorini, Italy.

Yes, they're certainly fabulous -- but while fantasizing over these pricey, over-the-top hot spots, you may be overlooking incredible destinations that are a bit closer to home. So, listen closely summer vacationers -- because we've got a few unexpected gems you'll probably find just as appealing, if not more. Let's take a look at our top picks for the most gorgeous and underrated US travel destinations!

1) Glacier National Park, Montana(Photo: AP)

Home to some of the world's most breathtaking lakes and meadows, this destination is sure to unleash your inner adventure seeker.

2) ​Big Sur, California
(Photo: AP)

Perfect blue water, hiking and mountain climbing GALORE! Big Sur is home to some of the most gorgeous remote beaches we've ever seen and surely won't disappoint if you're a fan of ocean relaxation.

3) B​reckenridge, Colorado
(Photo: Brian Gautreau/Flickr)

Colorado may be most known for it's wintery snowboarding season, but many don't know just how beautiful it can be in the summer. With activities ranging from mountain biking, to alpine sliding -- there's no way boredom is even an option here.

4) ​Kansas City, Missouri
(Photo: DanoStl/Flickr)

A city celebrating art, BBQ and jazz -- who could possibly say no to K.C.? If you're a lover of rich culture and antiques, this is the place for you.

5) ​Gulf Shores, Alabama
(Photo: AP)

If you want all the fun of a Cancun beach, but none of the crowdedness -- head to Gulf Shores for perfect sunsets, warm sand and a beautiful ocean breeze every single day this summer!

6) ​Mackinac Island, Michigan
(Photo: AP)

If this peaceful, colonial town isn't completely perfect to you, we don't know what is! Take a relaxing trip to a place that lives up to it's name of the Island.

7) ​Sedona, Arizona
(Photo: Ryan Harvey/Flickr)

For those who think of Arizona is nothing but dirt and rocks, we've got some news for you! While Northern Arizona is famously known for the Grand Canyon, this calming Southern Arizona area is filled with life and wonder. Go on a hike, or bike through the mountains and discover all this city has to offer.

8) ​La Push, Washington
(Photo: Monty VanderBilt/ Flickr)

If you're looking for that secluded, camping feel -- La Push if your go-to! Rent a cabin near the ocean and enjoy the relaxing sounds of the water while you fall asleep.

9) ​Door County, Wisconsin
(Photo: Photophilius/Flickr)

This unbelievable town is straight out of a nature lover's dream! If you need any convincing as to why you should visit, we'll just put it this way -- one stay and you'll never want to leave.

10) San Diego, California
(Photo: SD Dirk/Flickr)

Home to perfect weather, tons of outdoor activities and of course, the beach -- San Diego is truly California's version of Hawaiian bliss.

So, there you have it! Which underrated US destination will you be traveling to this summer? Tell us in the comments below!

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10 gorgeous and underrated summer vacation spots in the US

10. Hong Kong - 8.66 million visitors

(Photo credit: Getty) 

9. Seoul - 10.35 million visitors

(Photo credit: Getty) 

8. Kuala Lumpur - 11.12 million visitors

(Photo credit: Shutterstock) 

7. Singapore - 11.88 million visitors

(Photo credit: Getty) 

6. New York - 12.27 million visitors

(Photo credit: Getty) 

5. Istanbul - 12.56 million visitors

(Photo credit: Getty) 

4. Dubai - 14.26 million visitors

(Photo credit: Alamy) 

3. Paris - 16.06 million visitors

(Photo credit: Shutterstock) 

2. Bangkok - 18.24 million visitors

(Photo credit: Getty) 

1. London - 18.82 million visitors

(Photo credit: Shutterstock) 


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