Toyota's new commercial will leave you in tears

Toyota's Take on Father's Day Spotlights Protective Fatherhood

Father's Day may have been yesterday, but that doesn't mean we can't celebrate them the day after!

Toyota Japan debuted a commercial that is sure to tug on the heart strings of many, no matter what parents' day it is.

In their latest commercial, the car company decides to look at the relationship of a father and daughter as seen from each of their points of view.

The three and a half minute spot explores all the channels of growing up, at least those that revolve around a Toyota. One minute there is a toddler crying in car seat in the back of the car, the next, she is an angsty teen, slamming the car door, and to full fruition, a mom, with a baby on board bumper sticker posted on the back of the car.

The perspective then shifts to the father's when he is watching his daughter walk down the isle at her wedding, or when he continues to look in the rear-view mirror noticing she is not his little girl anymore.

Nevertheless, she will always be daddy's little girl.

Click through the gallery below to see how some celebrity father's spent their special day!

How Celebs spent Father's Day
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Toyota's new commercial will leave you in tears
❤️happy daddy's day to my daddy and my daddy's daddy ❤️ thank you ❤️ @iamstevent #victortallarico
FLEXIN' on Fathers Day... #HappyFathersDay to ALL of the Dads out there from the newest member of the Daddy Fraternity!! --JT
Happy Father's Day!!!! We love you!!! ❤️❤️❤️ Feliz dia dos pais!!! Nós te amamos!!!
Happiest of #FathersDay to all the sweet dads out there! Like this one! JT , you are an amazing father who loves and nurtures our kids everyday. Here's to all the dads who raise our kids to be incredible people! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Happy #FathersDay to simply one of the greatest on earth.
Happy Father's Day @billrancic ❤️ If our son grows up to be half the man you are, I will be happy! Thank you for showing Duke what a great dad looks like every single day. XoG
Thinking today and every day about the father of these two. Happy Father's Day! -mo
happy father's day to the most artistic, intelligent, versatile, and all-around awesome guy in my life. you've always loved and supported me in whatever weirdness that comes, and I am so lucky to have a dad like you. I love you tons <3
Happy Father's Day to the most amazing husband and father anyone could ask for. Our little girl and baby on the way couldn't be more blessed to have you... The pic on the left is Riley just days old. They say a daughters first love is her daddy. Couldn't be more true in our case. She will grow up a passionate, fearless and head strong little girl all while still having the ability to love unconditionally. I couldn't be more proud as a mother and wife that you are the head of our home and family. I hope you enjoy your day my love. I love you @wardell30
A friend once said to me right after my father died, 'everyone has a father, but not everyone has a daddy'. Brucie, you were both. To say that I miss you is an understatement. Happy Father's Day to you, wherever you are. You were the best of the best.
My first love
Pa, just simply..... Thank you 🙏 Happy Fathers Day I love you to the moon and back. ✨ #HappyFathersDay
My 1st day of school my daddy was there in his Fila track suit
Happy Father's Day my little light of sunshine. "You can still call me dad, Kylie. No matter what I'm always going to be your father. That's never going to change."
Happy #FathersDay to my dad. Thanks for your love and lessons.
my whole life this soul was my daddy and just because your appearance is different now doesn't mean you were any less of a father to me my entire life. happy Father's Day to the person who raised me, and taught me everything I know, my hero.
Happy Fathers Day!!! ... @vancityreynolds Since the day our baby was born, I've felt so strongly in my heart that you were most likely the father. 😳😁😋😊😉😉😍😎😍#ILoveYouSoMuchItsSilly
Happy Father's Day to all but especially my Dad, #CaptainDon. I'm so lucky to be your daughter. Xo
My hero. My Dad. Happy Father's Day to Chris Jackman and all the Dads of the world.
there's so much I could say about my dad but to keep it short...he's simply the best #happyfathersday
Salud! Feliz Día Del Padre! Not easy growing up with an old school tough guy like my dad. I was a hyper kid with potential for getting into trouble. He didn't believe in "time outs." I needed a man like him to keep me in line. Blessed to still have him around...
Pa, just simply..... Thank you 🙏 Happy Fathers Day I love you to the moon and back. ✨ #HappyFathersDay
So very very very grateful this fella is who my kids call Dad!! Happy Father's Day @joshbkelley thank you for being the kind of father every kid deserves!
Happy Father's Day daddy!! ❤️❤️❤️
Happy Father's Day - love you Pops #flipagram made with @flipagram. See full video at

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