Smarter kids might be better liars

Smarter Kids Might Be Better Liars

Is your little angel also a smart, little whippersnapper? Well, your smart kid may be a liar, too.

Research published in the Journal of Experimental Child Psychology found kids with a good memory can tell better lies. That's terrifying.

The researchers interviewed 137 kids between the ages of six and seven. They played a trivia game and were told the answers were on the back of the card in different colors and with pictures, but they weren't allowed to look at them.

The scientists had also set up a hidden camera to see the kids peek at the answers. The kids who peeked obviously answered the questions correctly. When researchers tried to catch them in the lie by asking what color or what picture the answer had, the kids would purposely say the wrong color or thing to make it seem like they didn't peek.

Researchers found the higher a child's working memory, or "ability to process information," the better higher their ability to "tell a believable lie."

The scientists found the good liars were able to better keep track of verbal information.

The Belfast Telegraph found the silver lining in all of this ... your little liar is likely smart!

The kids also had their visuospatial working memory tested, which is "our ability to process visual information." They found telling a successful lie actually requires processing verbal information, not visual.

Researchers say this is the first time a connection has been shown between a verbal working memory and lying.

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