Read Lupe Fiasco's open letter to white supremacy

Lupe Fiasco Joins Umphrey's McGee For Performance of 'The Show Goes ON'

In the wake of last week's brutal Charleston slayings, rapper Lupe Fiasco took to Instagram to excoriate Dylann Storm Roof, as well as the hate group the latter embraced. Fiasco unpacked and highlighted the hypocrisy of the white supremacy movement in a mini-series of three posts, all of which included disturbing pics of Roof. "What you really are is something in the middle," he wrote. "White Supremacy is a lie white regularists tell to themselves in hopes that they can get a one way ticket to the top and hope we other colors overhear it." The rapper's open letter mixes sarcasm and brutal honesty to explain racial regularity and the delusion of superiority; at time of publication, every image had more than 4,000 likes.

Lupe Fiasco
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Read Lupe Fiasco's open letter to white supremacy
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UNIVERSAL CITY, CA - JUNE 05: Singers Trey Songz (L) and Lupe Fiasco perform onstage during the 2011 MTV Movie Awards at Universal Studios' Gibson Amphitheatre on June 5, 2011 in Universal City, California. (Photo by Kevin Winter/Getty Images)
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Wasalu Muhammad Jaco, better known as his Stage name Lupe Fiasco, performs at KPWR�FM'S big winter hip�hop show with T�Pain, Pitbull, Baby Bash, Fabolous, and more performed at the Gibson Amphitheatre in Universal City Dec. 6, 07 (Photo by Barbara Davidson/Los Angeles Times via Getty Images)
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NEW YORK - MARCH 9: Recording artist Lupe Fiasco poses for photos during the portrait shoot at JR Studios March 9, 2006 in New York City. (Photo by Ray Tamarra/Getty Images)
The American rapper Wasalu Muhammad Jaco is better known by his stage name Lupe Fiasco and is here seen at a live concert at Rust in Copenhagen. Denmark 07/10 2006. (Photo by: PYMCA/UIG via Getty Images)

Here's the whole missive (pics included):

A letter. Part 1 Of 3

Dear White Supremacy,

First of all you are not really that supreme. While throughout history White Supremacy it must be admitted you have achieved some very dominant positions. These positions have been gained mostly through force or some biological agent such as disease that did a lot of the dirty work for you in advance. I mean anybody can use force on an unarmed populous and anybody can have smallpox. Not judging, just wanted to point out that having a disease that native folks aren't immune to because they've never seen it doesn't make you strategically smart or tactically superior, just kind of sick. And these dominant positions don't really stand up to the test of time that long either. There is nothing about you biologically or physically that denotes an innate mode of supremacy. For that matter there is also nothing about you psychologically, philosophically, cognitively, academically, socially, architecturally, culturally or even financially that signifies a higher position above any other group. And to be diplomatic there is nothing about you that denotes innate inferiority as well. So what you really are is something in the middle. You are regular. White Regularity is congruent to all other forms of regularity i.e. Black, Brown, Etc etc. But in regularity there is room for differences and this is where White Regularity shines! Each group gets the same essential universals. Dance, food, music, etc. and it must be admitted that the White Regularity take on these universal institutions has been unbelievably impressive and a great addition to the total world culture. I mean spaghetti and meatballs, Romeo & Juliet, Coldplay, The Tuxedo, lighter that air travel are all world class additions to the collective bucket but they are no less or more impressive than every other regular groups take on the universals either. And if we really wanted to get analytical every invention is built on inspiration from a previously existing invention so the claim of "The Supreme 1st" to do something is highly debatable and except for a few exceptions, impossible! All things human aren't born from a supreme overlord solely working in isolation.

Part 2 of 3

Things are created in collaboration and in tandem with other cultures, knowledge structures and movements and more important, People. I mean if those Muslims didn't catalog all that Greek philosophy for research we might not even know who Plato was. Now whether this collaboration is forced, which is seen so much but not exclusively throughout human history, does not take away the fact that it is done with the help of somebody else. We are supreme as a spectrum of colors in collaboration. One color does not dominate the other nor can it. Sure Steve Jobs was white. But the guy who built the computer was probably Chinese. And the girl who wrote the programs for the computer is probably from Mumbai. And the raw materials that were used to make it where probably first pulled out of the ground by somebody in South Africa. And if you take this highly collaborated upon piece of high technology to an indigenous tribe in the jungles of Brazil they'd probably use it as a boat paddle. And we can go on and on down or up the rabbit hole all day long and you'll always find a regular somebody relying on the abilities of a just as regular somebody else that another regular somebody doesn't even care about. White Supremacy is a lie white regularists tell to themselves in hopes that they can get a one way ticket to the top and hope we other colors overhear it. Here's the bad news, ain't no top. Here's the good news though, ain't no bottom neither! It's just the regular ole middle where nobody is safe from being influenced by somebody else's extreme regularness. Is your swastika flag printed in Mexico? Did you know the swastika is originally from Asia and the subcontinent? Did you know black people had slaves in Africa too? Did you know in the world your considered a minority too? I mean you call us niggers and beaners but you gotta ship all your formerly Native American land, backwood sourced ginseng to China to get money to support your meth habit. Meth that's made with chemicals produced in India. I mean Hitler hated everything about the Jews expect every possession they had. It's funny how the things you hate so much you have to rely on the most for your survival.

Part 3 of 3

And if you wanted to get really ironic and meta about it, White Supremacy has to validate it's own identity based solely on its relationship to other races! I mean now that's what I would call joined at the hip. Without us there is no white supremacy because there would be nothing to be supreme over! That sounds so stupid but sometimes the truth is stupid. Stupid like a fox. And no not stupid like a Fox News I mean the real fox. The animal.
In closing white regularity (the race formerly know as white supremacy) I myself on behalf of my own black regularity salute you. Good luck with the northwest front I hear it's beautiful in the spring and probably a strategic death trap if and when Yellowstone finally decides to blow up!
Yours Truly

Wasalu "Lupe" Jaco

A photo posted by Lupe Fiasco (@lupefiasco) on

A photo posted by Lupe Fiasco (@lupefiasco) on

A photo posted by Lupe Fiasco (@lupefiasco) on

A photo posted by Lupe Fiasco (@lupefiasco) on

Before the letter, he also posted this:

Dear Seal Team 6,
I think He's somewhere in South Carolina.

Your Welcome.

Yours truly,

Boom, the equivalent of an Instagram-facilitated mic drop.

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