Panda's tumble melts hearts in viral video

Panda's Tumble Melts Hearts In Viral Video

If you needed another reason to love pandas, the Edinburgh Zoo has posted an absolutely adorable video clip featuring one of them.

Tian Tian, an 11-year-old female giant panda, is a popular attraction at the zoo.

The video uploaded on the Edinburgh Zoo's YouTube channel shows the panda playing with "a log that was given to her as enrichment."

At some point, the log falls off the hammock but that doesn't stop the play time. She follows the log to the ground and it's the tumble that's melting hearts on social media.

Right after she falls, the panda takes a moment to look around but stays in the same position on the ground and keeps playing with the log.

A zoo staff member remarked, "The video shows Tian Tian rubbing the scent of the log over herself, this is something she does with all new scents, which is all part of play behaviour."
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