Decoded: I can't even

Snapchat Debuts Original Content With 'Literally Can't Even'
Snapchat Debuts Original Content With 'Literally Can't Even'

It's Monday and I can't even.

There are very few pros to any Monday, unless of course it is a long weekend and you get Monday off, then in that case, "YAY MONDAYS." Otherwise, you are probably at work or doing something that signals you have four more days until you can relax again.

Millenial slang is getting so complicated that a night course should be taught at colleges for people to fully understand what any of these phrases mean. In today's edition of decoded, we uncover the meaning of "I can't even."

"I can't even" is used when something funny, scary, cute, awful happens. Take Monday's for example. The sentence, "'s Monday. I can't even," essentially is translated into "'s Monday. I don't want to deal with this nonsense." Or something like this: "Someone ate my left over pizza, I can't even." This would most likely translate to "Someone ate my left over pizza, WHY WOULD SOMEONE DO THIS TO ME."

Take a peak below of how it is used in other ways throughout Twitter!

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