Dad and daughter perform 39 random acts of kindness to celebrate their birthdays

Dad and Daughter Do 39 Random Acts of Kindness for Their Birthdays

Birthdays are the one day of the year that you can be the center of attention and be showered with gifts from friends and family. But for one daddy-daughter duo, their birthdays were the perfect occasion to give back.

Lee Beck and his daughter Amelie of Oxford, England decided they'd celebrate their May birthdays, his 32nd and her 7th, doing random acts of kindness -- 39 in total.

For two weeks, the pair performed the 39 random acts all over Oxford, and Beck posted the video of their good deeds on his YouTube page last week.

"Amelie regularly remarks about kindness, and is generally very loving, so I knew she would be keen to do this challenge," Beck told ABC News. "When I mentioned the idea to her she thought it was a great idea, and instantly starting talking about some of the people we could help."

39 acts of kindness
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Dad and daughter perform 39 random acts of kindness to celebrate their birthdays

Highlights from their 39 acts included leaving money on some vending machines, writing a letter to a restaurant manager to compliment their server, leaving a $20 Toys R Us gift card in the mailbox of someone who they thought could use it, donating books to the Oxford Children's Hospital, and even leaving pennies at their favorite wishing bridge for people to enjoy. Beck also became an organ donor.

The father-daughter duo were able to meet new people, learn about various charities, and had fun along the way.

They expect to do more kind acts for their birthdays next year.

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