Cam Newton trolls Tom Brady over Deflategate (Video)

Kyle Franzoni
Fran Tarkenton: The Real Problem With 'Deflategate'
Fran Tarkenton: The Real Problem With 'Deflategate'

Cam Newton knows how to score some serious points in the viral content world. Whether he's flattening opponents in Knockerball, carrying women through the mud atThe Preakness, or even sporting some pretty snazzy shoes, Newton knows how to blow up the internet.

So should we be shocked when Newton decides to take on Tom Brady and Deflategate?

While throwing during the Cam Newton QB Skills Challenge on Monday, Newton took a soft-tossed football and got ready to unload. However, something didn't feel quite right and Newton came back with a glorious reaction.


I'm not sure if Newton was just trying to be funny or whether he was asserting that a QB really DOES know whether or not a football is properly inflated. Regardless, Newton dropped a big bomb on Brady with a winning comment. Given the timing of Brady's hearing with Roger Goodell, Newton dropped the mic.

That all said, I can't tell you what's more funny; Newton dogging Brady or Newton sporting the best hat on the customer side of the Long John Silver's counter.

Brady meets with Goodell to appeal his four-game suspension for his purported involvement with Deflategate. Goodell will hear the appeal himself and his decision not expected to be announced for a month.

In the meantime, perhaps we can continue to look forward to some good natured jabs from more of Brady's peers under center.

(h/t Black Sports Online)

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