Emotional Father's Day ad pays tribute to single moms everywhere

Father's Day is typically reserved for celebrating all of our amazing, dedicated, hardworking dads that have given so much to us as their children. But, as the ad above calls attention to, what about families that grew up without their fathers?

Set up as a handful of interviews of people who were raised by single mothers, the Angel Soft ad pulls on heartstrings as the interviewees remember what it was like for their moms. They realize how difficult it must have been for them to have to have been "both" — that is, to have to have played the role of both a mother and a father.

"Some days she had to be softer, some days she had to be stronger, but she always had to be both," the ad says.

Check it out for yourself above, and happy Father's Day, Mom!


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Last minute Father's Day Gift: DIY Tie Rack
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Emotional Father's Day ad pays tribute to single moms everywhere

1. Cut your boards to 27.5″ lengths. If you don’t have a saw, you can always have them cut the boards in the store for you. I cut mine at home with my Hitachi Compound Miter Saw.

2. Lightly sand the edges and apply wood stain according to directions on packaging. I believe I left my stain on for 20 minutes then wiped off the excess.

Photo Credit: Craftaholics Anonymous

3. Apply wood glue along the top long edge of your 1×12 board. {the main piece}

Photo Credit: Craftaholics Anonymous

4. Using your finger, spread the glue out so that its thin and even. {note: my “purple nail polish” was not from this project. Its from being clumsy shutting the back door of my SUV lol}

Photo Credit: Craftaholics Anonymous

5. Press the 1″x3″ board on top of the main piece perpendicularly to create an L shape. {This will be the ledge.} Using your brad nailer, place brads every few inches across the top of the ledge to hold in place. Wipe any excess glue that oozed out in the process. Allow to dry for 4-6 hours or according to wood glue package direction.

Photo Credit: Craftaholics Anonymous

6. After glue is completely dry, then lightly sand the edges and the flat surfaces of the wood to create a subtle distressed look.
7. Place a piece of peg board over the Main Piece of the tie rack so that the top row of holes is about 3″ down. Use the holes in the pegboard to evenly mark where you want the old fashioned nails to go with a pencil. Note: you do not need pegboard to do this, but it sure makes it a lot faster and easier!
8. Using your hammer, drive the old fashion nails into the Main Piece where your pencil marks are. {if you look closely, you can see my little circles on the board} Don’t drive the nails all the way through the back. Just in enough so that they are secure. The key is to try and drive them in as straight as possible. If you look closely at my finished photo, you’ll see my nails are far from straight!
9. Turn your diy tie rack over and hammer a sawtooth hanger on each side. Then spray a coat of clear matte sealer over your entire tie rack, including the nails.
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