Reese Witherspoon and daughter pose with designer Valentino for Instagram


Reese Witherspoon has been crushing her Instagram game and her latest upload is no exception.

The "Legally Blonde" star has been documenting her adventures the past few days and one very special pic made its way to Instagram. Reese snapped a pic with Mr. Valentino and her daughter, who can most definitely pose as her twin!

How adorable are they?!

Reese's Instagram profile is filled with pics from her personal life, travels, and behind the scenes photos from award shows, red carpets, and everything in between! Check out some of her Insta's below.

Party in the USA with @sofiavergara

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#RedCarpet #Aboutlastnight #Oscars #Photobomb #WILD

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It's time! #RedHotCarpet #HotPursuit 🔥

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If that didn't cure your daily dose of Reese, watch the video below to see what famous Disney character she is bringing to life!

Reese Witherspoon to Star as Tinkerbell in Disney's Live Action Movie

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