Photos of women fleeing ISIS and plunging into freedom are breaking the Internet

Women In ISIS-Occupied Iraq Are Brainwashed To Think Sex Is Their Duty

Photos of women fleeing ISIS in northern Syria are breaking the Internet in the best possible way.

Freelance journalist Jack Shahine posted the dramatic and awe-inspiring photos of women stripping away their previously-defining black robes forced on them by ISIS leaders as they escaped ISIS and plunged into the free world. He said that his friend captured the photos and spoke to the women who inspired them.

Shahine told MailOnline:

"These women, children and men are fleeing ISIS controlled area and as soon as reaching Kurdish YPG (People's Protection Units) controlled areas they remove the black Burkas obliged by ISIS, breathing freedom again."

He posted one photo with the caption "Freedom Portrait"of an Arabic woman and a Kurdish woman. The photos were posted to Twitter this week and have continued to inspire masses.

زحف كثيف لأهالي #تل_أبيض بأتجاه #كوباني ..هاربة من بطش الارهاب #داعش لاجئة لظل #وحدات_حماية_الشعب ..وحدات حماية الشعب...

Posted by Rojava Photo on Thursday, June 4, 2015

Watch this video to see the scene in action:

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