Baby copies police officer dad at his swearing-in ceremony

Ok...this one was too cute not to share! This was taken earlier today during Officer Haning's swearing in! Recruiting...

Posted by Greenville, NC Police Department on Tuesday, June 16, 2015

As he starts his career as a police officer, Phillip Haning has the cutest little man behind him.

A photo of Haning being sworn in as a member of the Greenville, North Carolina police department, shows 6-month-old baby Nolan lifting his right arm at the same time as his dad.

Because Haning had been looking straight ahead at the judge, he didn't realize until later that his son struck a similar pose from his carseat on the floor of the courthouse Tuesday.

The father-son moment was shared on the department's Facebook page.

The 33-year-old, who had wanted to become a police officer for about a decade, sees the photo as a symbol of his family's support.

"The swearing-in is for a job, but my family's behind me, and that's the driving force that makes me want to do a good job," Haning told

This Sunday will be Haning's first Father's Day.

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